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Uploading Your Casino Gambling Template Using FTP Client

OK....we're to the final step of getting your website up and going by uploading the gambling template and site files to the server using an ftp client. In order to upload files to the server, you must have FTP access. GoDaddy offers a free web-based FTP client for basic sites, and there are numerous other free FTP services, such as FileZilla for Windows, Smart FTP for Windows, Fetch for Mac, and gFTP for Linux. There are also built in ftp clients in software such as Dreamweaver.

Regardless of the service you choose, the process is pretty much the universal. The GoDaddy FTP client is not designed to transfer large amounts of data. If your site is fairly large, or you anticipate growth, then it is probably best for you to utilize a standard FTP service. If your site is only a few pages and does not contain huge amounts of data, then the GoDaddy FTP client will facilitate file transfer just fine. There are also some other software options that provide FTP access, such as Dreamweaver, which can be used for file transfer to and from the hosting account as well .

I will provide the information you need for both using the GoDaddy Hosting Center Web Based FTP Client, as well as standard FTP clients.

How To Use GoDaddy FTP Client:

1. Sign in to your Account Management
2. Select Hosting Account List from the My Products section.
3. Next to the applicable Hosting Account you want to use, select 'open' to access the Hosting Control Center.
4. Select the FTP Client under the Content section of the Hosting Control Center.
5. If a certificate acceptance window opens, click 'Yes' or 'Trust' to accept the certificate and access the FTP program. You will see a window displayed with two columns, Local System on the left and Remote System on the right.
6. In your Local System, go to the location on your computer where your site files are stored, and select them for uploading.
7. Click the upload arrows which are pointing to the right to upload the files to your hosting account.
8. After your files are uploaded, open a new browser and type in the URL to your files. You should see the site displayed in the browser window.

If you experience difficulty, you can contact customer support for assistance. Traditional FTP Client - most of the time the window displayed will always show the local system on the left and the remote system on the right (these may be reversed on some programs, such as Dreamweaver, but they will always be present:

How To Use Other FTP Clients To Upload Your Template Online

1. Download and install your chosen FTP client.
2. Enter your FTP client settings. Here are the settings you will need to enter to enable file transfer.

* FTP Site URL Or Host: example: ftp://FreeGamblingTemplate.com
* FTP User Name: The user name for your hosting account.
* FTP Password: The password for your hosting account.
* Home or Start Directory Also Known As Host Directory: This will typically be "public_html"

Once your FTP connection is established, you can upload your site files and voila, your site should be alive and well for visitors! Most FTP clients offer support and troubleshooting assistance should you encounter any issues.

Congratulations! Your site should now be up and running and accessible to visitors all across the Internet. We trust that our Learning Center has been a valuable asset and has been able to walk you through the process step by step in a meaningful and user friendly manner. This is an exciting time for you and we are honored to be a part of your endeavors. Celebrations are in order. We would love to receive some feedback from you regarding the resources you found here at FreeGamblingTemplate.com, as well as congratulate you on the successful implementation of your free gambling template and the launch of your new site.

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