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Changing Nameservers

A Name Server is like a phone book for the Internet, only it directs visitors to your IP address instead of your phone number. A Name Server facilitates a directory of domain names that match up with corresponding IP addresses. Then all the name servers across the Internet feed this information to a central registry, which makes it possible for visitors to access your website using an easy to remember domain name instead of a complicated, numerical IP address.

There is a brief window of time before the name servers on other networks are able to access the information once it is received by the central registry. This period of time is known as the propagation period. For .com and .net accounts, the propagation period can be four to eight hours. For all other domain extensions, it can be twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

The place at which you registered your domain name is known as your registrar. If your domain name was registered at GoDaddy, then upon set up of your hosting account at Godaddy, your name servers will automatically be changed. However, if you registered your account somewhere else, then the name servers will need to be changed according to the policies of that registrar. While the minute details of changing name servers may differ among the various registrars, some basic fundamentals remain fairly consistent. Most name server assignments are facilitated through your account management functionality.

By logging into your account management area, and selecting the applicable domain name, you should be given access to assigning or changing name servers through a control panel or configuration page of some type. Most registrars do attempt to make it as simple as possible to accomplish this type of task. For hosting accounts in which the domain name was registered at a different location but is being hosted by GoDaddy Hosting Services, GoDaddy does require at least two name server assignments. GoDaddy domain name customers will have this function taken care of automatically for them with the GoDaddy default name servers.

A typical nameserver will look like this: ns1.hostmonster.com ns2.hostmonster.com. Once you set up your hosting account you should receive 2 different name servers to list in applicable fields with your registrar.

Good news...you're almost there. Once the propagation period is ended for your domain, you will be able to upload your site and go live!!

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