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Seo Basics

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, and is the part of a webmaster's skill set that can make or break a website business of any kind.  SEO Engine Optimization can prove to be invaluable to affiliate marketers, because if visitors cannot find you, they cannot buy from you.  In short you can have the best website in the world with the best content, but if no one can find your website you won't succeed. To find favor with Google, and ultimately land at the fingertips of your potential target audience, you must put some basic SEO practices into use.  I get really excited about implementing SEO techniques into my web design and watching the results transform my web business. 

There are over 200 SEO factors that Google considers when assigning page rankings to websites.  Following the search engine optimization rules will get you far in this complex virtual world, as well as ensure your survival.  It is your lifeline to where you will fall in the SERPS (search engine results pages), and the nourishment for your website that will take it from 'lost in space' to 'most popular'.  Yes, SEO Engine Optimization is just as important to your website as your affiliate links and your design are. 

SEO Techniques can encompass a wide array of topics, and is an ongoing, constant learning process for most people.  Google Webmaster Tools has a Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide that is a good place to start for new webmasters.  Of course this is just one of the many fantastic resources that Google Webmaster Tools has that will help you with information surrounding good SEO practices. 

A term you will hear in SEO circles is 'on page SEO'.  This term is referring to the SEO  Engine Optimization factors on your web page that affect just how search engine friendly your site is, or isn't.  This is the portion of SEO that we want to focus on helping you with.  On page SEO covers factors such as meta tags, header tags, content, keywords, domain name, theme, file names, alt tags, and basically anything you do ON your web page.  How well you follow on page SEO guidelines on even the smallest piece of the puzzle can have dramatic effects on your ranking. 

We've provided access below to a few resources that break down some of the most important on page SEO factors, and introduces new webmasters to SEO terminology and concepts that will become very important as they focus on this part of web design.  The information on this list of SEO Engine Optimization ranking factors is a great place to start and to keep coming back to as you learn the process.  The more familiar and comfortable you become with Search Engine Optimization, the more you will venture out and find great tools and techniques that fit you and your business perfectly. 

Google SEO Get Started Guide: A great guide for new affiliates to learn the basics of seo.

On Page Checklist:  A comprehensive checklist of over 200 onpage seo factors to be aware of.

Don't expect to become an seo expert over night, however if you take the time to really learn the basics, and then endeavor to build upon that foundation, the success of your web business will be filled with endless possibilities.  The webmaster community is truly recognizing the value of positive SEO factors and, and if you're going to compete, or even be in the game, you really have no choice but to roll up your sleeves and get in the mud with us as we trek through the SEO landscape. 

One thing I always tell new affiliates I speak with is that the only difference between you and the people making $200K a month is knowledge. You can become as successful as you want in this industry if you put in the time to learn how to do everything. Seo is a very important aspect of having a successful website. So the sooner you roll up your sleeves and dive in the better off your going to be.

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