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How To Buy A Domain Name

Buying your domain name is much simpler than most people realize. With the explosion of e-commerce, and the growing transition of our day to day lives moving to Internet based interfaces, the web domain and hosting industries are booming. This is good news for webmasters. Competitiveness is healthy for everyone, and keeps costs reasonable, services offered at a high level of quality, and your options plentiful. Lots of people will be competing for your business as a webmaster, and as the competition becomes more fierce, the prices remain low and the incentives and perks high. The information we provide below is based on acquiring a domain name at GoDaddy. They have the best prices and offer great services, and we highly recommend checking them out.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the web address of your site, such as FreeGamblingTemplate.com, and is tied to a physical point on the Internet, which is the IP address. For example, you can look at the IP address as a physical address for a business, such as the Public Library. The 'Public Library' is the name you know it as, and is comparable to a domain name, while the address 1234 Main Street is comparable to the IP address as it describes where the Library is physically located. So once your domain name is registered, and your site is uploaded to the hosting service, a visitor can type in your domain name, and they will automatically be forwarded to the IP address assigned to that domain name and your website will appear on their monitor.

How to buy a domain name at Godaddy.

Now that you understand what a Domain Name is, lets walk through the steps of acquiring one. You will want to go to www.godaddy.com. You will see the word "Domains" listed on their top navigation menu. Click on that and you will immediately see a place to search for a domain. This is where you will check to see if anyone else has already purchased the domain name you are interested in. If the domain name you have chosen is available, you will be provided with a list of pricing and variation suggestions for your domain name. The suggested names are something you may want to pay attention to as some webmasters like to buy the domain names that are closely related to theirs to keep the competition from buying them and stealing customers, which is a common practice for those webmasters who have unsavory intentions. Many webmasters purchase domain names that include common misspellings of certain words in your domain name to provide customers with more ways to find your website. When you buy these extra domain names, you can have them lead back to your main domain name so that all visitors end up on your website.

If, on the other hand, your desired domain name is not available, you will be provided with a list of alternatives and their prices, as well as the price for putting your desired name on back order so that you will have first dibs on it when and if it becomes available. Part of deciding on your domain name will include choosing the TLD extension. The most popular and commonly recognized TLD extension is .com, however other well known extensions include .org, .net, .me and .info. The suggested alternatives provided to you will include different variations of available TLD extensions.

Once you've decided on your domain name, the next step is to register it. This is done during the checkout process and is very straightforward. Simply follow the instructions, you will be prompted for all necessary information. All registration information is public, and it is imperative that your contact information be valid and accurate. You can protect your personal information by utilizing the 'Private Domain Registration' services that GoDaddy provides. Once your registration is complete, your domain name will be parked until you are ready to go live with your site. The parked domain will display a temporary page letting visitors know your site is not yet live. As soon as your hosting is procured and your site is uploaded, the temporary parked page will no longer display. Congratulations. You now have your domain name and hence, your specific identity on the world wide web.

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