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Google Webmaster Tools

From the newbie webmaster just getting started, to the seasoned webmaster who has a plethora of sites on the web, Google Webmaster Tools are your lifelines to success. This is especially true for webmasters who depend on the affiliate profit model for their income. Google may seem like the big, giant, looming Internet monster, but they've actually worked hard to become as accessible and helpful as possible to webmasters who are interested in a successful career on the web. We can honestly say that they've taken a great interest in helping out the little guy, the guy just starting out, as well as the larger, more experienced fish in the virtual Internet sea. The Webmaster Tools Google has developed demonstrate that they understand the complexity of surviving on the Internet, and they have taken the process as a whole, and have provided resources and tools for every possible question, challenge, task, and step in becoming a part of the world wide web.

Google has broken down the functions of a webmaster into bite sized pieces that can be easily understood and managed using their Free Webmaster Tools. From getting started with site maps and site verification, to SEO, content, and technical guidelines and checklists, there is a tool, article, video, tutorial, or graph for every piece of the puzzle. Google has provided some exceptional and savvy analytics, statistical, and diagnostic tools as a part of their resources to help you continue to grow and succeed well after you've launched your site. There are tools specifically designed for webmasters to find errors in their site on several levels. The tools are all free, and should undoubtedly be a part of any webmaster's toolbox. Many webmasters and SEO professionals use only Google Webmaster Tools as these resources very often out perform other webmaster tool software options, even the very expensive ones.Not many of the high priced webmaster tool solutions can match the vast, highly inclusive offerings of Google.

Along with these phenomenal Webmaster Tools Google has also provided extensive assistance in understanding the tools, and learning how to use them and apply them to your website.  There is a designated help center that features sensational support, there is a substantial library of comprehensive articles on every possible topic related to Google's tools, as well as a large number of tutorials. There are fantastic blogs and forums in Google's Webmaster Tools Help Center, and even a Google Webmaster Central Channel on YouTube, filled to the brim with valuable videos for webmasters. These Free Webmaster Tools are proof of Google's dedication to truly be there to support webmasters. There is a Quick Start Guide to help you in getting started on the right track. You will be able to use these tools to answer difficult questions about your website, such as: How do I improve my web site's visibility? Why isn't my website ranking well? Can Google see my website? Who is linking to my website? Are there any errors on my site that might hinder google crawling the site? How many people are visiting my website each week? What are my most popular keyword phrases? These are just a few of the questions that are imperative to the success of an affiliate website.

Following is a sampling of some of the topics addressed in the Google Webmaster Tools Quick Start Guide:

  • Overview: The first section in the overview is Indexing Information, which gives you a look at the status of your site.  This information will include when your site was crawled last by Google, and if any of your site's pages are found in Google's index.  The second topic addressed in the overview section is Web Crawl Errors. This is where you find out if Google encountered any errors while crawling your site. You will be given details about any errors so that they may be addressed.
  • Diagnostics: Here you are given more detailed information regarding crawl errors, as well as content analysis, and information about any content or pages on your site that were non-indexable.
  • Statistics: There are three main sections in this category: Top search queries, which provides various statistics and insight into how visitors are finding your site; Crawl Stats, which will provide you with information about your page rank; and Googlebot, which provides information about how Google sees your content.
  • Links: This section provides information for you about inbound links and internal links. Links are a key factor in your SERP ranking, and having specific link data about your site can greatly assist you in making structural decisions, developing link campaigns, and keep you aware of anyone that is interested enough in your site to link to it unsolicited.
  • Sitemaps: This section will assist you in creating and submitting your sitemaps. This helps to get your pages indexed much faster.
  • Tools: This section will assist you in becoming acclimated with the basic and advanced functions of a webmaster, and provide you with valuable resources and lots of support. The topics covered here are: analyze robots.txt, manage site verification, set crawl rate, set geographical target, set preferred domain, enable enhanced image search, and removing URL's.
As you can see, taking the time and effort to familiarize yourself with the Webmaster Tools Google has developed is time well spent. The value and possibilities that these tools bring to you as a webmaster are immeasurable. They will facilitate your beginnings, and maximize your potential in numerous ways, all for free!!! The support, help center resources, videos, articles, tutorials, and tools truly make Google's Webmaster Central the hottest, most valuable spot on the web!

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