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Hosting Banners And Images On Your Own Server

If there is one thing that all webmasters get excited about, it is learning ways to simplify tasks, processes, or any part of the morning to night duties that make up the life of website affiliates and professionals. One of the most powerful pieces of magic for web affiliates is to automate their site wide image modifications through Hosting Images Yourself! Why is this magical? Get ready for this.....ok, wait for it....you can make one minor change and it appears accurately throughout your entire website!! You don't even have to say 'abbracadabra', although that might make it a little more fun. Don't be embarrassed, we get all giddy inside when we think about it too. 

All joking aside, it is this type of simplifying of tasks that make you a more productive and efficient webmaster.  For image changes on a site where the webmaster has not hosted the image themselves, say a promotional banner, each page that the image is located will need to be touched and modified to make the necessary changes. This is definitely not magical, and can be better described as grueling, especially if you have many pages promoting one product or service. Clearly Hosting Images Yourself is the most efficient way to handle images on your website.

Following is a run down of the simple steps involved in hosting images yourself.

  • Create an images folder in your main directory if you do not already have one.
  • Right click on the image you are using, and save it to the images folder on your site.
  • When you insert the image onto a page in your website, retrieve it from your images folder.
It is that simple, and that magical!! Then when that new promotion starts and the old banner becomes outdated, you simply replace the banner on your server with a few clicks and voila, the new updated banner appears throughout the entire site. Doing your own Image Hosting is so easy, and really makes life much more convenient when it comes to modifications.

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