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Setting Up A Hosting Account

Now that you have a domain name or names secured, the next step is to setup your hosting account. You may complete this step through GoDaddy's hosting services, which are quite sophisticated and popular throughout the e-commerce development community. The hosting account is necessary to get your website onto the Internet. Godaddy is just one company among thousands online who offer hosting.

The first step is to purchase a hosting plan. To do this using GoDaddy Hosting Services, select the "Hosting' option from the top navigation menu. The hosting services page will be loaded and will provide you with the options that GoDaddy offers for Shared Server Hosting Services. There are three levels of hosting services to choose from. After reviewing the options, select the hosting service you feel would best suit your needs, and add it to your shopping cart. Proceed through the check out process as prompted, and you will then be ready to set up your hosting account.

The purchase of the hosting service only processes the payment, nothing is actually happening until you set up your account. Setting up your account installs the directory structure and default hosting files which are necessary for uploading your website. Setting up your account also prepares everything so that the accurate domain name service information can be assigned to your account, thereby directing visitors to your site content.

The steps to setting up your account are as follows:

1. Sign into your Account Manager.

2. Select 'Hosting Account List' from the 'My Products' section.

3. You will see a listing of all your accounts. Check the box next to the account that you wish to set up and then click the 'set up account' hot link that is next to your selected account. If your domain name was not registered with GoDaddy, then you will select the 'name not registered here' option and then enter the domain name you are setting up a hosting account for.

4. Next you will see the End User Agreement displayed. Read the agreement in its entirety and then select the check box which acknowledges that you have read the agreement and that you accept the terms and conditions therein. Then click 'next'.

5. This is where you will enter a user name and password for your hosting account. Once you have entered this information, click 'next'.

6. You will see a list of the domain names in your account. Select the one you wish to set up hosting services for and then click 'next'.

7. Review the account default options and update if necessary, then click 'next.

8. If you have an available SSL certificate that you would like to apply to this account, select the certificate, and then read and agree to the Subscriber Agreement. Then click 'next'.

9. Ensure that all your settings are correct.

10. Submit.

Upon submitting your hosting set up, you will see a confirmation message displayed, letting you know that your hosting account will be ready to be used shortly. The process typically completes in about 30 minutes. In rare cases, it can take up to 24 hours. Once the account is ready to use, you will receive an email containing all of the basic account management information. You may have to wait up to 24 hours before you can set up databases, upload files, or configure your website. If you would like to check the status of your hosting account, this can be done through the Hosting Control Center. You first need to login to your Account Manager. Then you will choose Hosting Account List from the My Products section. Select the name of the hosting account you would like to check on. You will then see a Hosting Account Details window appear to the right of the screen, which indicates the current status of your hosting account. You will typically see your account in one of these five status categories:

1. Initialize Account: Your hosting account needs to be set up.

2. Pending DNS: Your hosting account needs to match up with your domain name before you can upload files and manage your website. It can take up to 8 hours from when you set up your name servers for your domain for your hosting account to be matched up with .com and .net domains, and up to 48 hours for other extensions.

3. Pending Account Change: This status indicates that you have either upgraded or downgraded your hosting account.
4. Pending Setup: This status indicates that you have set up your account, and GoDaddy is configuring your hosting account so you can use it.

5. Setup: Your account is set up, and is waiting to become available for you to upload files, setup databases, and configure your website.

Your confirmation email that contains your account management information is your queue that everything is ready to go. Congratulations, you're only a few steps away from a live, functioning website!

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