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Unfortunately we can no longer our visitors the ability to download our free templates right from our website because of the thieves stealing our templates. I wasn't sure what to expect when putting up this website, but apparently keeping 2 lousy backlinks in tact is too much to ask and the majority of the people using our free templates are deleting our links. We cannot allow this to happen so at this juncture if you see a design that you would like to use, simply email us at the address below and we will gladly email you the zipped version of the template. Please include the url where you plan on using our template in your email.

We realize this is a tad inconvient, but I didn't spend 150 hours on this site and thousands of dollars on all the designs just to have these losers steal from me. So unfortunately this process will be required moving forward. Perhaps it's better this way, we want to grow relationships and perhaps I can help you out if your a new affiliate and have questions about the business, seo or anything else for that matter. While I don't have a lot of free time, I enjoy helping people out. This business has changed my life and with the right knowledge it might do the same for you.

Attention: Please include the number of the image for the template your wanting to use. For example if you hover over an image you will see something like this http://freegamblingtemplate.com/images/screenshots/casino/9-b.jpg. I don't need the full url, just casino/9-b or similar will suffice.